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    At The Pool With The Towel Bag

    In this video we show you how great it is to go to the pool with our Towel Bags! This bag is made out of a Beautiful Pink Hibiscus Flower Printed fabric with a  100% cotton towel. It features an inside pocket to keep your personal items like keys, sunglasses and wallet in a safe place while you are having fun! Enjoy the best of life unfolding our Towel Bag! Feel unique! Experience it! You will Love it! To learn more visit our Frequent Asked Questions Or visit our You Tube Channel !

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    What Can You Fit Inside A Towel Bag?

    In this short video we show you What Can You Fit Inside A Towel Bag! When going to the Pool or Beach you need more than your swim suit! You need your personal items always handy! Check this video out to know what you can carry inside our roomy bags! To Learn more visit our Frequent Asked Questions page!      

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    Our Bag’s Towels

    We offer high quality bags for you and your whole family! And thinking about that our Convertible Towel Bags are made out of 100% towels because they are soft and very absorbent! Our Backpacks have an towel attached to it and you can choose from solid colors towels to printed beach towels! To learn more please visit our Frequent Asked Questions page! If you have any other questions contact us at copacabanaboutiquebags@gmail.com   Unfold a Towel Bag! Experience it! You’ll Love it!!!!      

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    Fabrics for Kid’s Towel Backpacks!

    Thinking about the kids we added new fabrics to our bag's collection! 100% cotton, these fabrics are cute, sweet and fun for boys and girls! The Towel backpacks features a front zippered pocket that is a way to keep small items handy! These bags are smaller than the adult's size but kids will  be able to carry not only the towels that are attached to the bags but their own beach sand toys, swim suits, flip flops and more! The Towel backpack is a  functional item that will turn your weekend a better time to relax ! We always bring the best quality products  for you and your family!  …

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    What Is A Towel Backpack?

    Copacabana Boutique Proudly Introduces The Towel Backpack!   Our Towel Backpack is a bag that converts itself into a towel!         When going to the beach or pool, you can take your bag that has a towel attached to it and not only that you will be able to carry your  personal items like wallet, sunglasses, keys, sunblock and more! It  is a roomy bag that features a zippered pocket on the front to keep your cellphone or any other item handy. Use your towel as a beach mat or on  your favorite beach chair while keeping safely your personal items! Feel unique and stylish with a…

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    Our Striped Backpacks

    We are proud to announce that our Backpacks are cathegorized by fabric prints! Because Striped Fabrics are traditional at the beach and are always trending during the summer, we  had added them into our Collection! They are colorful, beautiful and stylish ! For more information, please send us an email at copacabanaboutiquebags@gmail.com   Blue Striped Towel Backpack         Aqua Striped Towel Backpack