COPACABANA BOUTIQUE brings the Brazilian Tropical Touch to you!

Here you will find beautiful Towel Backpacks for you and your family!

Easy to use and lightweight our bags are the best option for you at the  pool, beach, camping and spa!

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Specialty Towel Bags!


Blue Striped Towel Backpack

Blue Striped Towel Backpack

Our company specializes in functional  Backpacks that turn themselves into towels for your vacations, spa time, pool, beach, gym and more!

Our customers are special people that loves to feel unique and stylish!

We handmade our bags and handpick our beautiful  fabrics one by one!

To learn more please visit our post : What is A Towel Backpack and our Frequent Asked Questions page

If you want to contact us please send an  email to: copacabanaboutiquebags@gmail.com