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What Is A Towel Backpack?

Copacabana Boutique Proudly Introduces The Towel Backpack!


Our Towel Backpack is a bag that converts itself into a towel!





When going to the beach or pool, you can take your bag that has a towel attached to it and not only that you will be able to carry your  personal items like wallet, sunglasses, keys, sunblock and more!

It  is a roomy bag that features a zippered pocket on the front to keep your cellphone or any other item handy.

Use your towel as a beach mat or on  your favorite beach chair while keeping safely your personal items!

Feel unique and stylish with a  towel backpack!

It's suitable for the whole family!

Available in various colors, prints and sizes at OUR ETSY STORE!

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Send us an email at copacabanaboutiquebags@gmail.com



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